Exclusive Online Pricing

Max 2 people splitting one hour


1 station:  $25

3 stations: $70

4 stations: $90

6 stations: $130

8 stations: $160

FULL RENTAL (10 stations): $200

(Discounts automatically applied)

Great location, STELLAR price, and pretty nice setup too. I’ve gone to three or four different virtual arcades and so far this has been my favorite.
— Mackenzie Hanson

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Booking Overview

Each booking at VE Arcade will include:

  • One (1) hour session in your own designated VR station

  • You may split your hour with up to one (1) other person

  • Access to a five (5) piece VR system including an HTC Vive head-mounted display (to see your new reality), two wireless full-motion controllers (to interact with the virtual world) and two infrared base stations (to track your movement in this world)

  • Access to a diverse lineup of games and experiences which cover a range of genres, challenges and MULTIPLAYER options

*Disclaimer: For the safety of customers and equipment, and quality of experience, users under the height of 48" will NOT be permitted to use the equipment.

*Our entire arcade and all VR stations are wheelchair accessible.