Online Pricing

Max 2 people splitting one Station

*Multiplayer requires 1 Station per person

*Online booking requires 25% deposit to reserve spot

Monday - Thursday

30 Min: $15

1 Hour: $25


30 Min: $17.50

1 Hour: $25


Group Discounts:

3+ stations: 5% OFF

4+ stations: 10% OFF

6+ stations: 15% OFF

8+ stations: 20% OFF

10 stations: 20% OFF + no limit on Person Per Station (call or text 385-722-6400 for off hour bookings)


Group discounts require:

following us on social media and tagging us in a post.

(Discounts will be applied in store)

Great location, STELLAR price, and pretty nice setup too. I’ve gone to three or four different virtual arcades and so far this has been my favorite.
— Mackenzie Hanson

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Booking Overview

Each booking at VE Arcade will include:

  • One session in your own designated VR station

  • You may split your station with up to one (1) other person per hour

  • Access to a five (5) piece VR system including an HTC Vive head-mounted display (to see your new reality), two wireless full-motion controllers (to interact with the virtual world) and two infrared base stations (to track your movement in this world)

  • Access to a diverse lineup of games and experiences which cover a range of genres, challenges and MULTIPLAYER options

*Disclaimer: For the safety of customers and equipment, and quality of experience, users under the height of 48" will NOT be permitted to use the equipment.

*Our entire arcade and all VR stations are wheelchair accessible.