Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Virtual Experience"?

Simply put, we are a Virtual Reality Arcade. We give you the opportunity to Experience the amazing world of Virtual Reality, without breaking the bank. The technology behind this incredible experience is far out of the reach of many people, but you can come in to any of our locations and whether you are alone, on a date, with a group of friends, or having a party, we offer an affordable option for anyone to come in and have their very own own Virtual Experience.

Can I play more then 1 game during my session?

Yes, All the games will be displayed inside the headset. You can easily change in and out of any game during your session.

Is there a height limit?

Yes, Unfortunately anyone under the height of 48" will not be able to play.

I don't really play video games, would i enjoy VR?

Definitely! as you've probably already seen, we believe VR is more than just a game, and that anyone can enjoy the world of Virtual Reality.

How many people can play at a time?

Each Station has 1 headset & has a limit of 2 people splitting the time, but if you have more people you can just book the booth next to yours. We have 10 booths so up to 10 people can play at a time.

How much does it cost?

We book each station for $25 an hour. You can split that cost between 2 people. We also offer 30 minute sessions for $15 a person.

How early should I show up before my scheduled time?

We recommend you come at least 10 minutes early (especially for your first time). That way we can teach you all you need to know before you get started and you can use all of your time having fun!

Is there parking available for big groups?

Yes, We have designated parking behind our building that you can access from 100 S. (Behind the Provo City Temple)