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AZ Sunshine Tournament

Who do you want fighting next to you in the zombie apocalypse? Let’s see how you would fare. VE is hosting an Arizona Sunshine Tournament during the week of August 12th-17th

Teams: up to 4 people

Team prize: $350 + 8 free hours of VR playing time

Each team will have two chances to complete as many waves of zombies as possible for a combined score.

…If for nothing else, this will just be hella fun!…and eye-opening…

Arizona-Sunshine 4.jpg

Registration Details

Early registration ends 7/20/19

Basic Registration

$50 - Team registration fee

Premium Registration

$80 - Team registration fee

  • Includes 4 free hours of VR for team to practice those zombie head-shots and double taps



Regular registration fees will begin 7/21 and will be Basic-$75 & Premium-$120 


The competition will be held between August 12-17. Each team will be responsible for scheduling their time to compete during this time-frame. A VE employee will record your total number of completed waves of zombies for both attempts. The team at the end of the week with the highest combined score wins! Difficulty will be set to hard cause zombies don’t mess around, and the level will be Cave since that’s an obvious choice in the apocalypse…

*Your fee to play during your competition time slot will be waived.